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Monday, December 27, 2004

If You Could See Me Now...

...Alcoholic drink? Check
...Cigarette? Check
...Junk food? Check

My best friend and I hung out last night. It was...a little disappointing. She's been out of my daily life, and I hers, for so long that it was almost hard catching up. But, we did indulge and giggle and shop and make fun of people, so that's cool. And I did try - and like - mango flavored Malibu rum, so that's cool too.

Some of you nosy fuckers have asked what I got for Christmas. Well, things that make me most excited are: an electric can opener (shut up! I wanted one!); a new sauce pot (I asked for that too, so shut up!); a pastry roll-out pad and a meat thermometer (SHUT UP! I asked for both of those!); Eminem's Encore CD; and a gift cert to a spa.

Dad made me a nice wood end table - painted black, as I wanted - with a glass top, which works perfectly in the intended space, and he has already received an order for a matching one for the other side. Sister gave me a kickass lamp, but I want a matching set, so...I've been scouring stores with no luck. The lamp may be returned.

And today, because I'm sometimes good to myself, I purchased four - yes, FOUR - new pairs of shoes, for a total of $72. One pair is red, one is pink, one purple, and black. I do love shoes. I also purchased for myself three pair of jeans, since I was really only wearing one pair these days, and I relized they had a hole in them.

I also purchased a few other various things. Like, shoes and earrings to wear with my dress for NY Eve. A cute tank top. And - what are they called? Oh, right - stockings. Not quite sure what those are for. ;)

Alright, so now my shopping is done and I should really figure out if I can afford all this stuff.


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