Corporate Peon: Enraged

Thursday, February 10, 2005


I don't get mad a lot. I get cranky and annoyed, but not much really really pisses me off. I don't get caught up in the injustices of the world and wish death to those who hold others down. I don't know, maybe it's selfishness, but I have a hard time raging against the machine if the machine doesn't impact me.

But this...this...I think my heart rate escalated while reading this:

Students ordered to wear tracking tags

One school has ordered their students to wear tracking tags - like those that track livestock - in order to better monitor attendance. Parents have openly complained about this, but the powers that be don't see any issues with essentially branding their students.

The superintendent of the school thinks that the backlash is because the IDs aren't stylish.

Yeah, that's it. Force me to wear any tracking device you want - monitor my every breath - as long as the ID is pink and glittery. Never mind that there's a financial connection between the school and the ID company; just give me a shiny badge to wear and I'll be fine.

I thoroughly understand that schools need to track attendance. I get that. I'm for that. But jesus, why not just implant monitoring chips in each student's wrist? They do that for dogs, and you don't ever hear about any dogs complaining.

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