Corporate Peon: Disappearing Tricks

Monday, February 07, 2005

Disappearing Tricks

I spent $76 last week.

No, listen - it's a bigger deal than it sounds. That was in cash. I spent $76 in cash last week. I never use cash, except in the cafeteria here. I took out $100 from the bank on the evening of 1/31, which technically means it hasn't even been a week yet. What the fuck did I spend it on?

4 days lunch in the cafeteria (and at least 2 of those days were just soda and salad to supplement my leftovers). Let's call that $20.
1 day lunch out (mall food court) ($6)
1 dinner out (pseudo-Mexican fast-food) ($8, I got a beer)
1 pair sunglasses - $10
Um...probably around $15 for the week in sodas and snacks at work.

Those are conservative estimates, with the exception of the sunglasses. Even at that count, there's $17 missing.

Let's say that $2 of that went to change. Where did the last $15 go???????

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