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Friday, February 04, 2005

Parental Warning - Explicitness Follows

I'm fine with being called a slut, a whore, a cock-slut, a cum-slut, a cock-whore, or any other such combination while getting it on. I like it. I like being treated like a naughty toy for a guy's pleasure. It turns me on. And if it turns my man on, even better, cuz it's a two-way street with me.

I'm not saying I always enjoy this, or that I need this to get off. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to be on my knees with hands forcing my mouth to take more cock inside. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to have a facial of hot, white cum. Sometimes slapping my ass is not the way to get me to moan expletives.

Some might think it's degrading. Sure, I suppose it can be. And trust me - not every guy deserves to have a willing slut at his feet. But if the guy respects my mind, respects my opinions, and values me as my own independent person...then I'm more than okay with being his cock hungry slut.

It's precisely that unexpected persona that makes it so hot for me - if I'm with a guy, chances are he holds a good job, has a college education, operates within society's rules, and can hold a conversation. Nice, polite, considerate guy. To take the flip side of that - within the same person - and have him slapping my ass, telling me that I'm such a slut and that I like being on my knees and that I'm his good little slut...well, that's simply hot. I'm a modest, law-abiding citizen - but the kinky shit that plays in my brain is unreal. Being able to express that, even to a small degree within the confines of my bedroom, is a release that leads to a release like no other.

And on that note...happy hunting.

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