Corporate Peon: Jessica Alba Disgusts Me

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jessica Alba Disgusts Me

I can appreciate that she's a beautiful girl (she's 23 - not yet a woman). I can appreciate that Hollywood is a cruel master to the female curves. I can appreciate self-esteem issues. I can appreciate that virtually all of the photos I've seen of Jessica have been air-brushed to perfection, including her Cosmo cover picture, found here.

But, I cannot appreciate Jessica's comments in her Cosmo interview:

"I'm not one of those women with a really thin body. I have body fat."

Nor can I tolerate Cosmo's next question: "Have you always had a curvy figure?"

Hel-lo. Jessica's probably a size 4. Okay, maybe a size 6. How can that ever be defined as a 'curvy figure?'

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