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Friday, February 18, 2005

Friends & Memories

Every so often - actually, about once a month - my best friend and I have a long, long phone call. Most often we each have a few drinks while we chat - her in her state, me in mine.

Tonight was one of those nights (minus the drinks). Never mind that we talked for a quick 15 minutes last night; never mind that we talked for an hour last weekend. Tonight we talked for 2.5 hours.

We could have kept going, except that my cell battery drained. And not like, almost out, but like, I had about one minute remaining.

We talked about work - lazy people abound everywhere. And boys - I had some game for a short while, back in the day. And people's kids and if it's okay to bring wee ones to adult parties. And people's kids of those we grew up with and those we lost touch with and those who should not procreate. And how we'd feel if our future daughters decided to join a sorority not our own and sororities in general. And what we'd do if we had to take care of ailing parents and which parent we'd rather have and which parent we'd rather our siblings have. And vacations we've taken together and vacations we want to take together. And boys who were mean and shallow and times we had the cojones to approach our crushes and times our crushes turned us down. And our single friend who is pregnant and our deliberation over whether she'll have the kid and what we would do if either of us got pregnant now. And clothing and fashions and trends like ponchos which should really fade away and how Lane Bryant clothing assumes big women have big breasts. And flavored vodkas and rums. And the raise she got this year and the chance for a second raise she'll have this year and the raise I have yet to get. And salaries and grad school and and and...

I love her. She's smart and funny and kind and cute and competent and capable.

I don't miss college, but I do miss being able to open a door and find friends. Good friends.

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