Corporate Peon: Loser, Baby

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Loser, Baby

You've all seen those stupid Hallmark commercials, right? Where the women (always women) are having coffee together and one darts off to her organized card collection to pull out cards just right for the occasion?The focus of the commercial is the card box, handy dandy, that keeps everything neat and together.

Yep. Bought me one of them tonight.

I had a coupon for 'buy 3 cards, get one free' so I purchased a bday card for a friend, a random card for a friend, and two Vday cards. One for my sister/BIL, one for the 'rents. And because I bought three cards, I got my green-and-yellow card box (I just like saying box) for half off. Which means the original price was ridiculous.

I just spent time organizing it. Putting all my random cards in it from their various places; writing down my friends' bdays and anniversaries; looking at the handy 4yr calendar to see what day my 30th birthday falls on (Sunday).

Let the good times roll, bitch, I'm ready for them.

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