Corporate Peon: Is There Life Out There?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is There Life Out There?

So much I want to do / Is there life beyond / My classes and my job

Every work day, minus the 8 company holidays, my 20 annual vacation days and the 3 vacation days I usually carry over from the year before...I get my ass into work.

After work - whatever time that may be - I drive the 3miles from work to home. I get my mail, unlock my door, kick off my shoes, take my purse and coat off. I log on to my computer.

Sometimes, I cook dinner. Like last night, when I made veal and had a pseudo-Greek meal. Other times, I eat cereal or crackers. Some nights I have a beer; some nights I drink my peach tea Crystal Light.

I've been a member of a gym. I've volunteered. I've signed up for 'extracurricular' classes. I've gone for walks. I've said hi to strangers. I joined a graduate school program. I've pursued alumni sorority activities in the area.

What I can't seem to figure out is, is there life out there?

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