Corporate Peon: Blog Meet Part 3429.6

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blog Meet Part 3429.6

Last night I met up with Lois Lane & Random Aimee. Now, ya'll know I've met Aimee before, I so won't get into my impressions of her. She's Aimee. Big laugh, big smile, cute dimples.

Lois surprised me - she wasn't what I expected at all. Not sure why I expected more of a dowager (sorry, L), but she's not that at all. In fact, she's darn right adorable.

We had a good dinner where we laughed a lot. Sometimes at each other, sometimes at ourselves. We talked about...

Cow eyeballs (Aimee's a big fan)

Pussy-eating frogs (also a fave of Aimee's)

Leaving condoms on people's blogs (Freudian slip, honest...or was it?)

Art (clowns are bad, monsters are good)

Bloggers (who we know, who we don't, who we read)

Santa Claus and our favorite packages

Pastries (Doughnuts = good, kinishes = good but messy)

...Just to name a few.

Lois is smart and funny and has a very quick wit. She also has a very big heart. It's a damn good combination and I will definitely be reading her more often.

And a good time was had by all.

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