Corporate Peon: Emulation

Monday, April 18, 2005


There's a scene in 'Heathers' that I'm reminded of. Dad & Veronica are sitting on the deck/veranda, and dad is, say, reading a spy novel.

Dad: Will someone tell me why I read these stupid spy novels?

Veronica: Cuz you're an idiot.

Dad: Oh yeahhhhhh...that's it!

Scene is repeated with dad asking why he eats pate, and I think one other iteration.

So, with that reference...

Will someone please tell me why the fuck I keep doing something stupid? Why? Seriously? I know it's stupid; I do it anyway; I say, "Boy, Self, that was stupid. Why'd you do that? Now you feel like shit."

And yet...I do it again.

Jesus. What a fucking idiot.

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