Corporate Peon: _____ On My Mind

Sunday, April 17, 2005

_____ On My Mind

I've written things in the past that have resulted in people - readers - to tell me to move on, to stop it, to grow up and get over it. What those folks don't understand is that a lot of times I'm not lamenting what wasn't, or isn't, but I'm thinking through it.

It is possible to remember and evaluate without regretting. (That's a statement, not a question.)

So, yeah. Maybe I do rehash things at times, but what happened in the past is what makes me in the future. Sometimes I can't look back too early. Sometimes I need to look back in order to learn. Most always, I need to look back in order to heal.

My family says I've always done things at my own pace; they say I can't be rushed, that when I'm ready, and only when I'm ready, will I do things. I walked, talked, rode a bike, whistled...much later than the 'norm,' so I guess there's some truth to what they say.

So, keep that in mind, next time I start telling how some guy hurt me or got away from me or how someone upset me. I might very well be over and past it, but that doesn't mean I don't remember it.

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