Corporate Peon: Interruptus

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Random little interruptions here before I get to the mom piece of my family bit. Aren't you glad I have a small family?

I received my walkman! Now I can listen to energizing music during my treadmill adventures instead of the seemingly unbreakable routine of commercials during the running parts and music during the walking parts.

I'm going out to VA to visit my gf in August. I'm slightly ticked at myself - flights were $53 cheaper on Friday. Damn it damn it damn it! I'm only going out there for a weekend - her company sucks, so she has little to no time off she can take. Damn it! That makes for a very expensive weekend. I haven't yet purchased my ticket; I keep hoping it will miraculously cheapen.

The whole personal-ad thing isn't working out as of yet. Fuck. I was all set to bash the ones who have contacted me that are specifically not what I've stated I'm into, but just double-checked and realized I hadn't set the specifications correctly. That would explain why I have an online stalker who's 25 and lives with his parents. He's nice enough, I suppose...but he's DULL! I hid from Yahoo last night but he found me on AOL. That will teach me. He got pretty defensive when I said someone who lives with his parents isn't my ideal. Dude, I know you're saving money. Dude, I know housing is expensive. Fucking suck it up and grow up. He tells me he loves his town, and when I ask why, he mentions that the high school is one of the best in the state. Good. Now give me reasons that actually make a difference to you.

Then there was the divorced guy with kids. I'm sure he's wonderful, but I'm not looking to take that on. I'm selfish enough without worrying about being unselfish enough to date, don't throw other people into the mix. That I had specified a non-divorced man without kids, too, ticked me off. Yes, sometimes looking outside the box helps. However, if you can't follow directions....

Do you understand better why I'm still single? :)

The search continues...

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