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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rental Units

I spent the weekend with the parents. Mom's bday was Saturday, and being the good daughter*, I went up there. Made a cake and everything.

We didn't do that much; went to a festival downtown Friday night. Dad is really big on the festivals. Me, not so much. This weekend was the Dragon Boat Festival. A long canoe is decorated like a dragon and then teams race. Yippee! We got there just in time for the parade on Friday, but half-way through, one of the entries took a detour from the parade route, which meant that the rest of the entries followed. Ah, comedy.

We ate fair food - mmmm - and dad plied me with beer, much to mom's chagrin.

Saturday we were down there for lunch and watched some of the races. Dad plied me with beer, still to mom's chagrin.

I went for a paddle-boat ride with mom on Saturday. They have their own; there's a small pond behind their house. Mom always tries to get me out there with her, and I generally refuse, but since it was her birthday...We bird-watched and laughed a bit. I have little to no patience with mom most of the time, but I tried to restrain that since it was her birthday. I won't say I succeeded, but...

We went out for dinner that night, where I had a yummy alcoholic drink and some of dad's beer, much to mom's chagrin. The waitress dropped dad's ribs and we had seating trouble. Ah, comedy.

Sunday, we went to an open house that was miserable and then a plant shop. Then we went to a local church fair. Have you ever heard of a meat raffle?

Yeah, me either. But they had one. No, I didn't enter. Dad was all set to ply me with beer, but since we had seen the entire festival in about 10 minutes, I declined.

Had mom's pot roast for dinner - mmm - and came home with leftovers. Nothing too exciting this weekend, nothing too bland.

* My sister says I'm the good daughter, since I see the folks about once a month and she doesn't. Nevermind that I'm an hour away and that she's 2x that far; never mind that she has a hubby and two large dogs and an actual social life. So no, she didn't come down this weekend, and is apparently making herself feel guilty about it. Do I think she needs to spend more time with them? Yes. Do I know that it's hard? Yes. Whatever. This so isn't the point here.

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