Corporate Peon: Verbatim

Friday, July 08, 2005


Sister: I hate my job
KtP: Oh, honey, really? But you just started this new role!
S: I know. And I don't like it. Everyone comes to me for answers and I don't know!
KtP: There's nothing wrong with telling them, "Good question, let me get back to you." or "Let me double-check, I'll let you know tomorrow."
S: I know. But I can't do that all the time!
KtP: True.
S: Maybe I'll just do policy work and public reform work for a living
KtP: Only if you expect to make shit.
S: Yeah. Sigh. But I'm not making shit now.
KtP: No, but you can live on what you make now. There's a difference. And would you really want to do that kind of work for a living?
S: I can't believe my sister is a corporate whore.
KtP: Yep. I actually call myself that at times.
S: Actually, I keep hoping that would work for me. When you're really rolling in it you can bankroll my public reform works.
KtP: Uhhhh...right. That's assuming I would.
S: Yeah, I keep hoping you will. I keep hoping you'll grow a heart.
KtP: Yeah? Let me know how that turns out.

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