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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Shameless Bragging

Okay, so there's a little shame here. I feel I brag quite a bit - my life really is pretty darn good, you know. But, since it's my site and my goes.

My old boss's boss just called me in to her office. Seems she put me in for a performance bonus, which is generally a lump sum amount as a reward for really going above and beyond. This is only the second I've ever received; the first was last year, and after taxes, it ended up being just under $500. This one will be a little bit more than that - enough, perhaps, for three car payments?

The write-up that was the support for the request was very, very generous. Boss's boss had my old boss help with the fact-finding; they felt that they threw me into quite a bit of clean-up work, some shark-infested waters, and continuously changed things - since I started with the division, we've gained one employee (New Girl) and lost three others - and guess who picked up the bulk of their work?

To me, it's all just a matter of doing my job and trying to do it well, but it's very nice to see that others a) appreciate it, b) recognize hard work, c) recognize tough situations, and that d) going above and beyond can be rewarded.

This is especially nice today; I've been very frustrated. SRG is on my last nerve; I just don't understand how one can do so little and do it so poorly and be okay with it. But, not my worry, and certainly not my issue. I've also been toying with the idea of looking elsewhere for work, out of boredom, but came to the conclusion that my company is really pretty top-notch and I'd be a fool to leave. This cements that, which is nice affirmation.

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