Corporate Peon: Why Me?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why Me?

You might think that I joined a personals site just for the humor. You'd be wrong, but it is turning out to be an added bonus.

Tonight's excerpt brought to you by a hottie who just doesn't get it. As you can tell, I have little patience:

mitty3: hey pretty girl
KtP: um....hi
mitty3: awawa now why you gotta be like that pretty young thing
KtP: because i have no idea who you are
KtP: name? age? kids? job? live with your parents?

mitty3: 1 child
KtP: sorry, that's a dealbreaker for me
mitty3: thats mean we cant be friends
KtP: we can be friends, sure. but i won't date a guy with kids
mitty3: why]
KtP: i don't like them
mitty3: that is mean
KtP: nope, it's honest
mitty3: you hate kids
KtP: i didn't say i hate them. i just don't like them
mitty3: see you never tryed
mitty3: so how can you say that
mitty3: you would even see my kid
KtP: i don't need to argue this.
mitty3: how tall are you
KtP: 5'4"
mitty3: shorty
mitty3: oh that a dealbreaker for me
KtP: cool. take care.
mitty3: hold on i was just playing
mitty3: god
mitty3: no sence of humor
mitty3: bro you are evil
KtP: then quit talking to me

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