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Monday, October 17, 2005

People Sadden Me

There's New Girl, who's now 42 with a 19yr old son, a 2yr old developly (wtf word am I looking for?) challenged daughter, an ex-husband, and a house she bought (and lives in) with her mom. She wants to find someone to love but doesn't think she ever will, given her unusual circumstance.

There's MK, who at 40 is pregnant with her second kid. The father of both is her on-again-very-off-again boyfriend of the past 10 years. There've been two engagements broken with him; a house built and moved out of.

There's someone very close to me, who constantly struggles with deciding if her husband is someone she wants to stay married to.

There's a very close friend who, due to hell an ex-fiance put her through, is having trouble enjoying her stable relationship with her boyfriend of 3 years. She is pushing pushing pushing for a ring on her finger and can't seem to rest without it.

E, at work, who has been dating her bf for 3yrs now. They live too far away to see each other during the week.

Is any of this where they thought they'd end up? Did anyone picture raising kids as a single mom or falling out of love or having to continuously look for it?

While at Homecoming, someone actually asked me if I was "still dating." I think I kind of blinked at them for a minute and then said something along the lines of it being an ongoing process. I'd be too full of myself if I actually read anything into her comment, if I actually thought she meant something by it.

But I still hated having to answer.

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