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Thursday, December 22, 2005


When my sister was little, she made a card for Santa. On the inside left page was a Christmas tree. On the right was her letter.

And under the tree, on the left, she congratulated herself on drawing and coloring such a be-yoo-ti-ful picture.

"(Insert full name), you did a good tree!"

That's a running joke now between her (she?), my BIL, and myself.

"Wow, Kate, nice car. You did a good tree!"

"I got a raise - I did a good tree!"

It's one of those things that mean nothing to anyone outside the family, but to us, it incapsulates so much.
A few nights ago, some random guy IM'd me online. We chatted for a bit - he's local - and he hasn't stopped IM'ng me since. The only problem is, he's DULL.

Each night, I ask how he is. Fine. I ask what he's been doing. Nothing.


Now, I do nothing quite a bit myself, but at least I dress it up a bit. "Well, I watched this really neat show on PBS about the mating habits of crickets. Did you know that crickets are the only animal to fuck upside down?"*

Instead, he says, 'nothing." Next, please!

* I totally made that up. I mean, it might be true, but I wouldn't bet money on it. Instead, give your money to me, and I'll buy shoes with it.
It's a definite slow day today.

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