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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Boredom? What's That?

I was fairly bored at work today. Not a hell of a lot going on these days. Scratched a thing or two off my to-do list, surfed the web a bit. Went to lunch with E, where we exchanged gifts. A big yummy smelling candle for Kate, yay! Got some lotion from New Girl; she'll get the chocolate voodoo doll from me tomorrow.

Then, around 1:30, I found some shit hanging on the fan above my head. Who did it involve? BBB! He's not always the brightest light in the chandelier. The issue wasn't his fault, but the way he was handling it wasn't the best. Shrug. It will get fixed. It always does.

Tonight I'm taking a reprieve from my baking duties. I went a little overboard last year and haven't quite reached those depths - yet - this year. The freezer is full of baklava, some no-bake chocolate-pb-oat cookies, some layered chocolate-vanilla-peanut bars, butterscotch-marshmallow-chocolate bars, and chocolate caramel cookies. I'm not done yet, though. I'll make a loaf or two of pumpkin bread, because it's so easy and SO good, and I think that will be it for this week.

All the treats will be packed up and taken to the 'rents this week. Then next week, I'll do some MORE baking in preparation for the after-Christmas Christmas celebration with sister & BIL.

Ah, holidays. Love 'em or leave 'em, but you can't ignore them completely.

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