Corporate Peon: My $759,000 Yacht

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My $759,000 Yacht

Went to the Chicago Boat Show today as a work outing. (Trust me, there was a valid connection.) Some of these boats were absolutely ginormous. A 3-bedroom, 2bathroom boat with a washer and dryer was nicer than my apartment. There was also a $1.2million boat, but you had to have an appointment to step foot on that one.

One flyer in the used boat section advertised a 2006 model worth $2.7million. The boat was 65 feet long. The owner was selling because s/he was 'moving up' and would accept any 'reasonable offer.' La di da!

Needless to say, I won't be purchasing a boat any time soon.

After we poked around the show, our bus took us for lunch at our area vice-president's condo. On the 5th and top floor of the building, with hardwood floors and a large wall of windows, the condo is very much a bachelor pad. Big screen TV...dart board...electric fireplace in the middle that is open on both sides, warming both in front and behind it.

The second floor houses the bedroom and a second bathroom; stairs from that level lead up to the rooftop patio. He's expecting to drop about 2grand for tickets to this weekend's Bears game.

Ah, how the other side lives...

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