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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Get Bent!

Okay, so, what IS the deal with That 70's Show? Apparently Eric's not on the new season? Yeah, I only watch the reruns on FX, so what?

Maybe there's a 'real' viewer out there who can tell me what the point is of having Jackie on the show. She's not cute. She whines a lot, and when she's not whining, she's pouting. So unattractive.

And Kelso. Seriously. Why is he even on the show? Don't even tell me it's for comedic relief, for I may hurl my Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper over my dusty keyboard.

But Hyde...Hyde...I'd like to play hide and seek with him. I like his laid-back attitude, his dry humor, his unexpected smile when I join him in the shower, the way his curly locks give me something to hold on to...

Oh, you're still here?

Part of my lust for Hyde is attributed to his likeness to CK, my high school crush. They're both stoners (or at least I'm presuming CK hasn't given that up), they both have this curly reddish hair, they're both above or perhaps beyond the petty everyday shit that people get wrapped up in.

What? Hyde's a fictional character and perhaps I'm reading too much into things?

Good day, I say!

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