Corporate Peon: So Close

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So Close

It's ironic that I turn to you for help purging, since you're part of the initial problem. But what else is left?

Your call earlier turned a decent enough day sour. How is it that with one small voice, with one hesitant dismissal, everything else becomes impacted? The errand, ruined; the night, dismal.

Your email brought to mind similar words spoken years ago by someone else. "I won't contact you anymore; when you're ready, you contact me."

No one thinks to ask what will happen if I'm never ready.

I worry that I'm making the same mistake I made before, if indeed it can be classified as a mistake. Would it have made a positive difference if we salvaged the friendship? I felt you tried to guilt me into doing so, and that was adding insult to an already fatal injury.

You say you've missed me, but...that's not enough. And I'm not sure I feel the same.

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