Corporate Peon: Emotionally Verclempt - Updated

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Emotionally Verclempt - Updated

Thanks for your concern.

I've mentioned before, however vaguely, my particular brand of night terrors. They've been coming more frequently lately, which leads me to believe something needs to change. But the what, and the how, escapes me.

Someone made a comment to me on Friday that upset me. I think the reason I got upset was because I didn't like the truth in what he said, and it got me thinking. I think - I know - I've reverted back into some old habits of mine. These habits aren't of the crack-fiend, prostitution kind, but they are detrimental to me.

I debated taking my blog offline, but that seemed a bit drastic, for I know well that in the light of day, the night terrors seem like a distant memory.

Instead, I'll take some time off. This next week, I'll cut back on posting, to give myself time to recoup, regroup, and basically think. And of course, the following two weeks after that, I'll be in Italy, where I don't expect to be blogging much at all.

I'm sure I'll return in November, gushing with all things Italian and desperate to share my trip with you.

Be well, folks, and play nice with each other.

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