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Thursday, January 13, 2005

On...and On...and On...and

Why am I not asleep? Oh, right, because I haven't packed yet.

Why do I need to pack? Oh, right, because I leave for KC tomorrow after work.

Well, at least I've watched MTV and HBO and napped and painted my toenails. I mean, that's productive, right?
So, this guy at work. ASSHOLIO. He's the prick who's been on my last nerve for the past few weeks who wears the 1980 shirts and shows off his chest hair and diamond earring. Most of his frustration isn't directed at me but at someone I was backing up. Still, I've taken a verbal beating from him multiple times in the past month.

Today - 45 minutes before a meeting at HIS building that I'm traipsing my ass to (15 minutes away from me) - he sends an email with his 'expectations' of the meeting. If those aren't met, the 1/31/05 date is in jeopardy.

Yeah, that's fine, whatever. I would have appreciated more notice of his expectations so I could do everything in my power to fight for the date, but, whatever.

What REALLY got me was that the agreed upon implementation date isn't 1/31 - it's 1/24!! And that's only because he missed the 12/6 date and THEN missed the 1/17 date!

I was ready to go off. If the date needs to be changed, fine, but that's NOT how you let the owner of the project know.

Okay. That's way too much time devoted to Asshole. I'm all riled up again.
So, uh, whatcha doin over there? Yeah, that's right, I'm talkin to you.
There was a lot of commotion outside my apartment today. Lots of running back and forth and people's voices and I think some yelling that woke me up from my nap. I was torn between wanting to yell at them to shut the fuck up and finding out what was going on.

I did neither.

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