Corporate Peon: Irony

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Came home last night and was unable to dial-up my dial-up. Reason? Fourteen minutes on the phone with the SBC customer service rep told me that I'm one of 1500 people impacted by a 'cable outage,' rendering our phone lines kaput.

Gee, thanks. And, were you planning on telling us any of this?

Oh, but don't worry, this should be fixed by 5pm on the 13th (Thursday).

The hell you say! Almost makes a girl want DSL!

Luckily, my phone was back up and running this morning. Disappointing to only find 12 emails waiting for me after a full day away!

I used the down-time last night to shred mounds of papers; got my lamps all hooked up with the extension cords I stole from dad; made my first beaded necklace; repackaged items that need to be returned (damn catalog orders); and ate marshmallows. Oh, and I also watched some cheesy Lifetime movie that was barely entertaining.

Okay, I watched that movie after I watched 20 minutes of 'Insider' or whatever that show is with the nasal-voiced guy. It was allllll about the Brad & Jen split, complete with dated photos leading up to the announcement. Good freakin grief.

Now, I'm no fortune teller, but trust me on this - the world will not end if B & J divorce. Seriously. Honestly. I kid you not.

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