Corporate Peon: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Sunday, January 09, 2005

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Since my mom had surgery about 2 weeks ago, Dad's been running the house. To say that that's scary is an understatement. Sister and I converged on the house this weekend to help out.

Friday: Fought my way through weekend, rush-hour traffic. Managed to get to my 'rents in good time. Got there just in time to help with the final touches on dinner.

After dinner: Helped dad make muffins for Sat. morning breakfast. Helped sister make grocery list for shopping the next day. Tried to convince sister that I don't snore that loudly and that sharing the bed with me would be much better than sleeping on the floor with her dog, but she wasn't buying it. Oh well, whole bed to myself!

Made frosting for the birthday cake (for sister) that dad had made. After looking online for recipes, decided to use the prepared frosting in the cupboard. Accidently showed mom a recipe I had printed out and was told to make that instead.

Frosting didn't set.

Used the canned frosting anyway.

Saturday: Woke up early. Painted the primer on the new end table dad made for me. Got groceries with sister. Helped prepare a few pans of lasagna and enchiladas for the freezer and future use. Painted first coat of paint on the end table. Made a cake for a friend's bday part that night.

Took a walk with sister, her dog, dad, his dog. Endured sister freaking out about every goddamn step towards her dog that dad's dog took while I walked him. Stayed 10 feet behind her for the rest of the walk.

Made pralines. They didn't set. (I swear, no operator errors, honest!)

Went to TJMaxx with dad to look for lampshades. Went to Hobby Lobby where we picked up a painting we were having framed. It's an oil painting of his mom when she was young and beautiful - more on this later. Went to the bank, deposited my paycheck. Bought frosting for friend's cake (I ain't no fool). Brushed the dog out.

Frosted cake. Drove to Milwaukee for said birthday party. Got home around 11pm.

Sunday: Painted second coat on table. Showered with the dog - mom said he smelled. Made stew. Made lunch (coconut shrimp and salad).

Could really use a nap, but not sure if I have time for that before I head on the road.

Yawn. On second thought...

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