Corporate Peon: It's Happened

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's Happened

First, they started with the whole 'engagement' thing. Then, they actually started to follow through on that with weddings.

That was fine. I could tolerate that. I even liked some of my friend's spouses.

Then...they went and started producing. Yes, I am now the honorary aunt to one of my bestest friend's kids. Another friend has 'planned' when she & hubby will start trying, so that's a future honorary niece/nephew for me to lavish love on.

I was okay with all of that. People move on, grow up, etc etc. As long as I'm not forced to do the same, I'm cool with it.

But then...then, it happened.

The first of my friends has announced their divorce.

Sure, he cheated on her all throughout their relationship, and kept that up throughout their marriage. Sure, there's a rumor that she's cheated on him. Sure, they had quit sleeping together about 6 months before they were even married - Sure, he had told people that he was no longer interested in her sexually since she gained some weight.

I mean, you could say there were signs, but...what would you know?

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