Corporate Peon: Two (unrelated) Items

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two (unrelated) Items

1. Obviously we know that a person can suffer from withdrawals if they abstain from drugs or alcohol after an extended period of use.

But what are the after-effects of abstaining from porn???

I look at some form of erotica almost daily. What would happen to me if I refrained from that pleasure for a set amount of time? Would I develop the shakes? A studder? A squint?

Mind you, I'm not suggesting that this study actually be done on me. Horrors, no! I'll all about sacrifice in the name of science, but find some other lab rat to torture.

At the very least, though, were I ever in the unfortunate position of testing this theory out, I'm guessing that my carpal tunnel syndrome would get some relief.

2. I have plans to go blind-shopping with BBB after work today. He's in his new condo now and apparently lacking some basics. Of course, the first day we hang out would be the day I haven't showered. Ah yes, life can be cruel...

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