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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Firsts & Impressions


Going to an adult toy store with a group of people

Eating a man-made dinner (That was delicious, by the way. Every bite of it.)

Having a tarot reading

Getting lost a bazillion times in one weekend

Flashing a busy intersection (You want something to honk at? I'll give you something to honk at!)

Bringing two boxes of alcohol into a hotel

Seeing a man wear a bikini top over his shirt

Seeing a female wear my bra over her shirt

Discussing how gay a particular man is (I'm fine with 20%...really, lest Aimee embarrasses me again!)

Having my picture taken while I'm eating a really long piece of meat (That's RIBS, pervs.)

Prank calling boys (okay, not a first, but a first in a really, really long time.)

Unhooking a bra not my own

Having anyone place yellow smiley stickers on my shirt, over my nipples.



I know Aimee is a mom, but it was hard to think of her as such, because she's so fucking cool. She has a mouth like a sailor and a loud, infectious laugh. And yes, she snorts, which was hilarious. :) At the same time, she's like the mother hen - watching over everyone, making sure everyone is doing okay and has what they need. She's sarcastic and sweet and tough as nails even while she's huggable. It's a great mix.


Yes, it's been said, but I too was surprised by how tall she was! (And no, Bunsen, it wasn't just the shoes!) She's more reserved than I expected, but she's hilarious when she does speak up. For me, it was hard to superimpose the sexy Bunsen who we know exists onto the smart persona that's very much her, because she's not one of those crazy, "I HEART BOYS," outwardly lusty type of girls. We definitely know that side of her exists, though. ;)


Again, Celti is much taller than I expected. Though the hair is blonde, those piercing, clear blue eyes are all her. She, too, has an infectious laugh. She's also a devoted mom and at the same time, up for anything. (Well, maybe anything, I don't know for sure.) She drank like a champ, flashed like a hooker, poured drinks like nobody's business, and fell off the bed like a seal sliding into water. :)


Jamie was the most different from what I had imagined. Her pictures don't even come close to showing how cute she is. She's lively and funny and smart and she has the ability to say the difficult things that pussies like myself only think and wish we could say. She has an affinity for defiling bears, listening to Rick Springfield, drinking my vanilla rum & coke, and being an overall crackwhore.


First of all, let me say that Nanner's smokin'. She's got a body that won't quit, and you'll see pictures on others' sites that will prove me right. She's very serious when she gives readings, though smiley stickers on her nipples made it somewhat hard for others to get in that mood. She's mischievous in a subtle way - very open, very calm, very mellow, but then she'll come out with a zinger that is all the more hilarious because she's not out playing 'The Star.' At the same time, don't let that quiet side fool ya - she's a trouble maker with a capital T.


Last but not least...the male of the group. Pup probably surprised me most, because he actually is a stuffed bear. I think that's why he's so directionally challenged. Pup was fairly quiet at dinner on Friday night, but once we got to his place on Saturday, he really opened up. He really is everything he seems on his blog: funny and smart - super smart, forget that crap about getting his GED - and political and passionate and a mixture of societal awareness and comic books and video games and music and bettering himself and others. He's very little boy-like as well - the small things can make him giggle, and he loves being tickled. Not to mention, he has a cute ass.

Questions? Comments? Tough shit.

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