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Thursday, January 13, 2005

How YOU Doin? - Updated

I'm a little discombobulated today.

Okay, that's a lie.

I'm a lot discombobulated today. Isn't that a great word? It's on a par with behoove and hence.

So, if you're a regular reader (and I apologize and thank you if you are), then you're aware that I'm in a new position at work. If you're a regular reader, you're also aware that I start a lot of my sentences with 'so.' That's become glaringly obvious to me lately. Hmph.

Anyway, back to the story.

Oh, wait, sorry. It's now 30 minutes later and I've lost the mood for that tale. It was gonna be a good one, too.

Here's something I've been thinking about lately. How much has my home environment sheltered me from good things? Here's an example. No one in my immediate family eats olives. So I didn't grow up with olives in the house. So I've never had one. So I think they're nasty. (Shut up, I'm allowed to form opinions against something I haven't tried.) But maybe they're not nasty and I would love them if I tried them. But I'm afraid to try them cuz I didn't grow up with them.

Are you still with me here?

My chicken salad has these crunchy tortilla things in them that are deelish. I went to Empire Szchewan once and they had wonton strips on the table, like other places serve bread or chips. Mmmm fried crunchiness.

What's that? Arteries, shut up! It's a salad I'm eating! I had them put all the veggies in and hold the dressing! Yeah, that's fried chicken in there. What's your point? Whose side are you on????
What the fuck happened to Unkymoods??? No more moods? No more inner debates over whether I'm sleepy or only tired? No more laughing at being able to feel minty? Or wrongly choosing angelic?? Sad, friends. My mood now is sad.

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