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Monday, January 17, 2005

How I'm Better Than Most

So, BBB (big black bald guy) at work is going to start this post off. We've become friends. He swings by my cube a couple times a day and sits in the chair I have there and we chat. He's funny. Sarcastic. If I go downstairs to the store in the afternoon, I swing by his cube to see if he wants to come with. He's started to come by at the end of the day, and after we chat for a few ten minutes or so, we'll both close up and walk out together.

Today, when he swung by at the end of the day, he had his cell phone with him and we started chatting about the girl he was seeing. Let's call her...Lisa. Apparently Lisa had mentioned something about marriage to BBB. I asked how long they've been together, and BBB said he wasn't sure if they were 'together' or not. My response?

"Dude, if she's talking about marriage, she thinks you're together."

Which I just don't get. Do people really talk seriously about marriage with their s/o after a couple months of dating? That's scary. If any guy did that to me, I would be afraid. Very afraid. And I would run.

That's the first way I'm cooler than most - I'm not psycho like that. I mean, I'm psycho, but in different ways.

Reason #2: BBB said that Lisa still lives with her parents. She's 27. She has no plans to move out - it's not just a temporary thing. 'Nuff said.

Reason #3: BBB said that his ex gave him an ultimatum - propose or leave. I said that I would never want anyone to propose to me because they felt they had to. Makes sense, right? Right.

Reason #4: BBB called Lisa while in my cube. I sat there laughing silently at his end of the conversation. When he got off the phone, I told him that one thing I don't do well - but I'm aware of and aware that I need to do better - is realize when a guy asks, "Do you want me to pick you up?" and you say "yes," there's no need to feel badly about it. If he does feel badly, he either a) is an ass, b) shouldn't have offered, or c) is an ass. Same with if he asks if you want to meet a friend of his out that night: if he didn't want you to meet the friend, he shoulda never asked.

So, yeah. I may have my issues - okay, fine, I do have my issues, but I like to think I'm a cool girlfriend. And thank the Goddesses above that none of my exes are here to dispute that.

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