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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pretentious Ole Me

I've always hated the 'grammar checker' on MS Word. I write, have written, and will probably always write in the passive voice. The ball was kicked by John. The meeting was held by Liz. It's just my writing style; I don't consciously do it. I'm a direct speaker, but with writing...I guess I tend to take the long route.

I'm aware of the difference between active and passive voice; I just find myself gravitating to the passive style. I used to write a lot, and I read a lot, and always when reading, I find myself paying attention to the author's style. Why say it like this instead of like that? It's interesting to me. I compile Post-Its in my head of the various stylistic examples that I see, and I call upon them when I need.

I've always been considered a 'good' writer, though by no means great. But it struck me this morning, as I reread an email I sent yesterday...that perhaps the active voice ain't all bad.

I think of this, as yesterday's one-line email sticks with me: "Is there no summary of change document?"

Not, "Is there a summary of change document?" or "Should there be a summary of change document?" or "I'm missing the summary of change document," but instead I used perhaps the most convoluted way of asking a simple question.

Ah, fuck it. Who do I think I am, Chandler Bing?

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