Corporate Peon: Comments

Friday, February 18, 2005


Some of you have asked what happened to my comments. Well, I got rid of them.

I'm spending far too much time blogging these days and not nearly enough time living. I love the comments - the conversations that build and the genuine thought that goes into your responses. But I need to just take some time for me, and devote some time to actually writing what I want to write without worrying what you'll say about it. Did you think my post petty, stupid, egotistical, rude, annoying, sad, mad, bad? I don't want to know right now, and I'm not giving you the chance to tell me.

I'm still going to comment on others' sites, and as I told one of you last night, we'll see how long my commenting ban lasts - I'm betting that I'll revert back this weekend. But I'd like the chance to feel more free and to write without worrying about condemnation.

You're still allowed to condemn, of course, I'm just envoking my right to remain ignorant about it.

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