Corporate Peon: Facts

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


1. It's really really awkward when most everyone has cleared out for the day, and you're on a business call, and you realize your Stupid Rude Cubemate is on a call and is crying.

Do you end your call? Do you invade her privacy? Do you pretend you haven't noticed?

Yeah, I did the last one. She was still on the call when I left for class.

2. I have 7 more weeks of grad school left. Ever.

Until I finally give in to the urge and take some law classes. (I know, LiAps, I know, but I've been fighting it for so long...)

3. If your parents are going to your sister's house for the weekend and sister will not be there, they will need a key. More specifically, they will need your key. And if you haven't mailed it by Tuesday night, they will - in all seriousness - expect you to overnight it to them.

Rather than mailing it to your sister's house for delivery Friday when they'll get there and can get the mail.

Rather than driving 30 minutes and having them drive 30 minutes to meet and hand over the key.

Yes, that's right. They will expect you to pay $10 to overnight the key to them.

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