Corporate Peon: Grammys

Sunday, February 13, 2005


To be updated as new people appear who I want to comment on.
Melissa Ethridge is tough.
My new lesbian crush is Joss Stone. I think she's underage though, so don't tell anyone.
I have never said this before and never thought I would, but Billy Bob Thornton actually looked kind of sexy.
I'm sorry, but since when did the Grammys become a foundation for charity? Yes, the tsunami was a horrible disaster, but why are the Grammys the poster child for relief funds???

Oh, and by the way - the collaboration song with Bono/Stevie Wonder (when is he going to die? Not that I wish him dead, but he's old, right?)/Tim McGraw/Norah Jones (who looked like she forgot the words)/other people STUNK.
When did Sheryl Crow get all hard body? Yowza.

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