Corporate Peon: Supermodel

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Back in junior high, I was hot. I mean, s-m-o-k-i-n. I had really good fashion sense.

Like my black shirt with white polka-dots and a peter pan collar. Actually, I never looked good in that shirt, but my BFF did.

Or my favorite sweater - the jester sweater. Vneck and a little long, it was sooo comfy. And it went with anything. One side of the front was a pale green, and the other side was yellow. The back was reversed. The sleeves and collar had purple on them, and I think there was some black and white, too. Pair it with a white tank top and jeans - nothing better.

Or my vertical striped black and white pants.

Or the colored tights I would wear with skirts. Tights with lace at the ankles. Snicker - my BFF's mom didn't like her wearing those.

Or my brown suede bomber jacket that was actually purple, since my BFF went out to the store and bought the brown jacket I had said I was going to get. Bitch. I showed her. Purple suede? Rock on.

Add to that Cover Girl lipslick things - just a hint of color and shine, all for $3.29, and mascara - colored, perhaps - and the guys were flocking to me.

Well, okay, they weren't exactly flocking - but they should have been.

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