Corporate Peon: Dear _____,

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dear _____,

Today I deleted all your old emails from my work folders. That's right - a-l-l your emails to me are now gone.

The one where you gave me your work number? Gone. The one where you made special birthday plans with me? Gone. The one where you asked about my family and wished me well? Gone. And all the other notes from you that hurt me when they didn't intend to, or that hurt me when you meant to, or that were your attempts at friendship long after that was possible...they've all been deleted.

I've hated you for a while now. Hated that you left, hated that I didn't have a chance, hated that you lied. Hated that I gave in when I didn't want to, that I settled, even for a moment.

This deletion was a long time coming. It was physically painful to see how many notes from you I had kept; how many pseudo-friendly-after-the-fact emails I had, how many intimate-before-the-fact emails I had saved.

So, to you, Ex - be gone. To you, Asshole Liar with-a-yellow-bedroom - fuck off. To you, Guy-who-wrote-me-stories - get away.

I won't be needing you anymore.

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