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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mmm Mmm Good - Updated

I actually wrote my 'good day' post last night, and it's apparent I was already gearing up for a good day today.

Talked to BBB this morning; he seemed down. We discussed that for a minute or two, then, when appropriate...I asked if he wanted to hear something that would make him laugh.

KtP: I dreamt about you last night.
BBB: (Big grin, laughs)
KtP: There were bunk beds involved. And sorority girls.
BBB: Oh realllllly?
KtP: Crap, I've got a meeting to go to.
BBB: Riiiight.


KtP: I didn't mean to run off before, just wasn't sure how much you wanted to hear. (Grins)
BBB: Mmm hmm. I've got to go to Walgreens at lunch.
KtP: (Gives him a look)
BBB: (Laughs) No, not for that.

I haven't told him yet that I was on top...but I will.

(Left work early and ran an errand with BBB. He followed me to my place, I dropped my car off and rode with him. As I got out of the car, he says...)

BBB: Oh, and you know I want to hear about this dream.
KtP: (Puts arms on open car window, leans in) I was on top
BBB: Oh, so I wasn't on the top of the bunk bed?
KtP: Oh, you were. And I was on top of you.
BBB: (Pause) You must have some vivid dreams.
KtP: Mmmm hmmm (grins and winks)
BBB: (Laughs...starts to say something, but stops. Shakes his head and laughs) I'll see you tomorrow.

I cannot want him any more than I do.

Who here is sick of me saying that? Cuz I sure as hell am...

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