Corporate Peon

Saturday, May 21, 2005

1. All I've eaten today are 3 cookies and a lot of cake. I should barf.

2. I did go exercise though. One minute into running on the treadmill, and my treadmill, the one next to it, and the TV just shut off. Good thing I have cat-like reflexes or I coulda been hurt. So, then I switched to the only other available treadmill, but it wouldn't keep up with the running, which actually sounds like I was going fast. So I just walked for 15 minutes. Shrug. Better than nothing.

3. I have not picked up a single damn thing today. I actually added to the mess by throwing my empty soda bottle behind me rather than in the overflowing trash. Tomorrow...right, Scarlett?

4. I looked online tonight for a new entertainment center. I really like the one I have but it's bowing in the middle as well as leaning to the side. Doesn't bode well. I did not find one I like that I will pay for (meaning, I found plenty I like, but I'm too cheap for those).

5. I realized that I really really like the Mazda RX8. Well, I've known I like it, but a comment from BBB yesterday got me thinking (damn him). I saw one in the lot and fawned over it, and he said that's as passionate about any car he's heard me be. So shouldn't I get what I really like? Except they're a bit pricier than what else I've been looking at. Not terribly so, but enough to make me think. I hate that.

6. Kim asked from the post below if BBB's 'indifference' comment bothered me. At first, I was offended. Indifference isn't exactly flattering. But is it better than rejection? I'm not sure. At least the door remains open, I guess, for sometime in the future. And I know that the indifference isn't personal - he's just not ready for something relationship-y. He did also make a comment about how he wasn't ready for something and has as such convinced himself of that. I dunno. I'm not sitting around waiting for him, but at the same time, no one else local has attracted me right now.

7. My sister and BIL come home tomorrow from 2 weeks in Turkey. I miss them! I'm used to talking to them (or at least her) every day. Get home already, damnit! (Get in mah belly!)

8. I have a goal. I have a turquoise silk dress that I wore to a wedding 5 years ago. I love the dress. I would really really like to fit in it for boss's daughter's wedding in July. I think 10-15 lbs would do it, and that is doable in the timeframe allowed. I should take the dress out of the closet and hang it up so I have a visual reminder. Oh, and I should also throw out the rest of the cake.

9. My old boss and friend (E) and I had lunch together yesterday.

E: Know what I appreciate about you?
KtP: Uh...nope
E: You use adverbs.
KtP: (Cracking up)
E: Seriously. Do you know how many people don't use adverbs? Take note over the next few days.

Yeah. I'm fairly well spoken. I have my folks to thank for that. With dad as an ex-reporter and mom as an ex-English teacher, they made sure I knew grammatical rules.

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