Corporate Peon: Dear _____,

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dear _____,

Remember back a few years ago, before we started dating? I went through a really, really bad spot during that time. I was worried you'd leave me. Maybe because you had before; maybe because he just had.

I was worried that you'd think I was too much trouble; that I was too...not demanding, for I asked little of you, but too... too much work. I was worried that you would realize you could get friendship elsewhere for less mental strain. Remember?

And I don't think I begged, but I asked you not to leave me. I asked that you stand by me and be there for me. And you did and you were. Remember?

But... it's different now. It's okay if you leave now. And actually...I'd like you to. There's nothing either one of us are gaining from this. There's nothing either of us are giving to this.

And it's okay. Really. I'm not who you knew; you're not who I loved. We'll keep each other in our thoughts, that I know. But let's leave it there and just...remember.

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