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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Foul - Updated

And not of the feathery kind.

I'm in a foul mood. Work has been sucking lately. I got ambushed at a meeting yesterday morning. Thanks, boss. Turns out she knew one of my states was being pulled from the August release but didn't bother to tell me. So when Team Member X asked if NY was being pulled, I thought she was asking out of hope - the state's a pain in the ass and the requirements are worse. So I said "No, no such luck" only to be immediately told to check with my boss.

That sounds really trivial now, but it was stupid. And there's just been all sorts of other little shit this week too. I can handle little shit, but it's the SAME little shit over and over and the SAME stupid people over and over.

The good news is that one of the stupid people is going to get fired. I had to write some documentation up so that there's something on record. Part of me feels badly about it - she's a nice person, but the other part of me wants her to die. DIE!

I had a good, 75-minute conversation this afternoon with my boss's boss. Boss lady told my team some confidential info on Monday that she should not have told us. Oops. And basically, boss's boss wanted to get the straight scoop from someone on all sorts of things: How's the environment? How's the workload? She wanted my opinions on process improvements, what is working and what isn't, where we can improve, input on the new girl who I've trained, and other various sundries. I was totally honest and open. Things kept coming back to how my boss SUCKS, which really doesn't matter since my boss won't be my boss for much longer. Oh well. Still nice to feel valued and respected.

She also gave me some coaching on how to get to the next level, and what the impending org changes mean for me and how I should benefit. So that was nice.

I'm having some health problems too, so that's a nagging concern. Guess it's time to make another appt. That's really frustrating, as I thought I was all better.

My place is a mess but I can't bring myself to clean it, even though I'd feel better if I did.

A coworker made me brownies for my birthday. She makes, hands-down, the best brownies ever. I can't stop eating them though!!!

I'm going to go to the bank, get my hair cut (and hopefully with it these bad angry vibes), car shop (possibly with BBB), and then maybe hit a bookstore to spend some birthday money.

Anyone got a map of Canada???

*** Update ***

Well, I didn't get my hair cut. Maybe tomorrow. I did change in over $23 worth of change, so that's good.

And I did look at cars with BBB. I actually found one I like, but did you know that they don't like you to test drive cars if your license is expired? Damnit. Gotta get to the DMV tomorrow. Yuck.

BBB asked how long we're going to keep up the flirting . I told him until he realizes he's a chickenshit. Whaaaaa? At least I'm honest.

Boys are dumb.

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