Corporate Peon: Hola!

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Me again. Back in San Jose at the hostel where I started out - last night here! Had an action packed day yesterday - hiked over 4miles, saw a volcano, a poisonous frog, hot springs, and a waterfall. Stood on suspension bridges, one of which was 45 meters up, whatever that translates into feet - not as high as some I did the other day,but high enough to see the howler monkeys up fairly close. They grunt like gorillas - kind of a deep ooh ooh ooh!

Met some interesting people, some I'll write more about later. There was the guy who's name I never caught who is from Milwaukee - we had a good chat. There was the pseudo-Canadian I spent the day with yesterday. There was the Canadian couple I rode the bus with the other day. There was the part-owner of the hostel, originally from Texas, who besides being hot, was interesting. There was the Portugese honeymooner yesterday. And who knows who today will bring?

Had planned on going into town here, but am not sure about that now. Looks like it might rain, and we Peons melt in the rain. Plus, I think I just have enough colones left for cab to the airport tomorrow and dinner tonight, so...

Think I'll be out by the pool if you need me.

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