Corporate Peon: Quick Note from CR

Monday, May 02, 2005

Quick Note from CR

It´s warm here! Spent today at the beach with a girl from CA I met, Elizabeth. Had a yummy pina colada and a massage - that's right, all on the beach! Am a little red but should fade to a glorious tan. Well, a girl can hope.

Went through Manuel Antonio National Park yesterday with E and another girl we met, Christine. Saw a sloth!!!! It was sleeping, imagine that. Saw two kinds of monkeys - the capuchin ones were pretty tame and ran right up by us! Saw hermit crabs - BIG ones - and red land crabs, I forget the name. Saw some badger type of animal. Saw lizards and iguanas. Saw geckos - well, those were at the restaurant the other night, perched on the walls!

Stayed at a place last night for $13 per person per night - our own bathroom, and a pool! *Us three girls stayed together). Am at a different place now, but just down the road from the beach! Can't beat that!

Tomorrow, am off on a early bus up north, to Santa Elena, Monteverde, and La Fortuna. Will make it back to San Jose sometime on Saturday so I can catch my morning flight out on Sunday.

Yay for vacation! Alright, my 30 minutes of internet is about up...

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