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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Today's post will focus solely on Ex yet again.

Yeah, I know, get the fuck over it. Well, I am over it, in the sense that I'm over him. He strikes me now as a sappy goof. I'm still hurt by the past, but I'm not into him in that way anymore. But he still has the power to annoy the fuck out of me with his drooling over his girlfriend.

So, I haven't been contacting him lately, and that's been good. He emailed in Jan to say "happy holidays," I think I responded banally, end of story.

Well, since corresponding with ex-BFF about something in RedNeckVille, amd hearing how badly her life sucked, I sent that on to Ex. As I normally do.

He responded today. Good news! His gf got accepted to the grad program she wanted - one of only 13 people chosen out of 234325! (I'm making up the number because I refuse to read his email again. But yes, he gave me numbers.) 'They' are going to buy her a condo (in addition to the condo where they live, which is under his name, but she lives there) because the program is at a school about 1.5 hrs away from their house. Um...okay. He's taking on another job to help support her. Um...okay. Must be nice to have your BOYFRIEND put you through school. Must be rough to have to NEED that kind of support.

He doesn't know I'm done with school. He doesn't know about my kickass raise or the accolades at work or my vacation. I don't think he needs to be privy to that information.

Today's his birthday; I have not yet wished him one, for the first time in FIVE years. Even though he wished himself one in his email.

Gah. I'm annoyed. Annoyed that he's putting so much of himself into helping her. And annoyed that he so willingly shares that.

I don't think I'll be responding at all. I'd love to write a very upbeat post, gloating - tactfully, of course - about all that is good in my life, and there's quite a bit. But I don't think he deserves to know.

He'd probably be genuinely happy for me, but...I don't want to know.

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