Corporate Peon: Champagne Dreams and Beer Budgets

Monday, April 25, 2005

Champagne Dreams and Beer Budgets

When it comes to cars, I'm all about something little and sporty. Right now, I drive an 11yr-old Saturn SC1 - the 2door coupe. It's small and it zooms. Well, it would zoom if it didn't have that little leak problem we've talked about before. I bought her used and have put a good 70k miles on her in under 6 yrs (just about riding the average of 12k/year). She has a tape player and cruise control, something my first car (this is only my 2nd) didn't have. She's not quite ghetto, but she's trying hard.

So, I'm all about moving up. Hell, I'm going to pay enough, I should, right? My next car must have a CD player, power everything, and a sunroof. Rear wipers and spoilers are top on the list, too. I won't get anything older than an '03 - possibly an '02, but that's debatable, and I'm about 98% leaning towards a 2door.

I love the look of the Hyundai Tiburon, but the one I sat in on Saturday seemed really small. I'm going to try another, though.

I test drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but that has a pretty bad blind spot due to the really teeny rear windows. Uh-uh. Plus, though I'm not a tall person, my legs were too long for it. Could I deal? Yeah, but I don't really want to.

I sat in some of the newer Honda Civics, but those too seemed small.

Um...I like the Toyota Celicas. I think I like the 4door Mazda3s (thanks PM), but those are a) 4door and b) I haven't seen one in person.

I might seriously look at Mustangs - always loved 'em.

No convertibles - doesn't make sense to me, since I'm apartment bound - too risky.

So, the search continues...And if I do say so myself, this is one of the duller posts I've written in quite some time. Yay for mediocrity!

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