Corporate Peon: Doctor, Doctor, Give Me Some News...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me Some News...

A few weeks ago I mentioned that some medicine I had was burning me. It was really an interim solution - Doc had given something to try while the results of the urinalysis were being done.

A few days later, the nurse called to tell me they lost my 'sample' and I would need to redo. First of all, how do you LOSE urine and/or blood? I've had both happen to me, and that scares me. Second of all, oh goody, more peeing in a cup. That's right, nothing I like more.

So I do, and they keep track of my cup and the results, and call me in a prescription. FINALLY some relief. Except, once the meds are gone, there's no relief, and I'm just as miserable as I was pre-meds. Well, probably more miserable, actually, since now I can remember what it feels like to not have pain.

So I went in for my post-med peeing-in-a-cup-and-being-stuck-numerous-times-with-needles fun on Monday. I'm desperately hoping they call today with news (and a new, longer prescription!) because I'm off tomorrow and I'm really really really miserable.

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