Corporate Peon: Thief!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I stole this idea from Vince. These are some of my Googlisms:

katey is an entrepreneur and mama with a decidedly intense (I'm a mama? Why didn't someone tell me! and intense what, exactly?)
katey is still young and crazy (spot on!)
katey is pregnant again (MORE kids I don't know about?)
katey is quiet and introspective (at times)
katey is very long (hehehe)
katey is my pet (so pet me, damnit!)
katey is a traveller (yep)
katey is ida's favourite mount (I don't know what this means, but I like it)
katey is trusted by 33 members (members. cool)
katey is a very understanding mother and she stands in close relation to her four children (enough with the kids!)
katey is cute (yeah, baby)
katey is not nearly as visible but she is just as high (I haven't been high in quite some time. But I'm always visible.)
katey is one of a number of older people who appear in a 30minute video (they told me they wouldn't use my real name!)
katey is my ideal (awwwww)
katey is a sexy tigress and school girl rolled into one (you know it)
katey is soft and rather round (sigh. yep.)
katey is old enough take care of herself (damn right)
katey is only 18 & she's 2 months pregnant (I'm warning you...)
katey is such a great person to talk to (aw, shucks)
katey is so demanding and difficult to work with that gail is giving up (fuck you too, gail)
katey is forced to understand her own isolation as she struggles to come of age (It's not a fun task.)
katey is wetting the bed and hiding behind the teacher at school (Piss yourself once, and no one forgets it...)
katey is swallowers casino bonus (I'm a...wha?)
katey is joho's girlfriend (are you the fucker who keeps getting me pregnant?)
katey is a hermaphrodite it seemed appropriate to dress her as a character that changes sex when splashed with warm or cold water (I'm perturbed)
katey is gone (bye for now!)

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