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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Work - Update

I haven't said much about work lately, so here goes. I had a really good day today; exhausting, apparently, as I snoozed on the couch after work, but a good day.

I have a new boss, M, effective 6/1. I wasn't thrilled about this when I initially found out, as he struck me as pompous and brash, but so far so good. I've actually been fairly impressed. I scheduled a one-on-one with him for tomorrow so I can tell him that I need to be more busy rather than less, and let him know the discussions I had with old boss about getting me promoted. Ever since he stepped into his new role, he seems to be asking for my opinion and leaning on me, so hopefully he knows what he's got.

I also have a new boss over him, J. We - our division of 50ish - had an offsite team building on Tuesday. I really, really like J. He's engaged and enthusiastic and seems extremely sincere. I had worked with him prior to him taking this role and so he knows me as capable already, which is great.

I won a $5 Blockbuster card today.

My area released a new product in March to about 5 states. We then released the same product in May to 5 states, and are going out to 7 states in August. The March release wasn't mine, and I inherited the May release partway through. August has been mine the entire way. About 3 days after the March release was live, our Pricing people (yeah, they set the prices), realized they gave us (my side - Technology) incorrect info and we had to scramble to fix it. Not too big a deal - people make mistakes. Except, they made the SAME MISTAKE with the May release. This time, they noticed 5 days later, and again, we had to scramble to fix it. Nothing like charging people 3x what you intended. So yesterday, I decided to be an ass and ask Pricing to double check what they gave us for August. Lo and behold, they found a mistake! My bosses were SOOOOOO impressed that I had them double-check and pre-empted a problem while there's still time to fix it. Not a big deal, really, and I shouldn't have had to do it, but it was a good move nonetheless.

This week marks my 5yr anniversary with the company. The 'service awards' for 5yrs are mediocre at best - do I want a 9' x 7' tent? What about a Lladro swan? I opted for the Panasonic portable MP3/CD player. Yeah, baby. I sent a card to the guy who helped get me hired here. His ex-wife was a co-worker of mine at the place I was at before this company. B wrote a program that I tested for him, and got to know me through that. He hated our old company and willingly shopped my resume around here.

I think I get another 5days vacation now, too, as I hit 5yrs.

Tomorrow we're taking one of the contractors on my team out to lunch, as it's her last day. I'm inheriting some of her work, which I haven't really kept up on, but it shouldn't be hard to pick it up and run with it.

All in all, things in CubeLand are going fairly well right now.

* Update *

New boss's boss, J, actually just came by to personally wish me a happy anniversary. He knew that the actual date is Sunday, and the card I received is actually hand written and personal. Yep, I like him lots.

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