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Thursday, June 16, 2005


-- Twice, now, I've opened up to you, only to have it ignored. You of all people should know that I don't open up easily. Now I don't ever want to again with you.

-- I love sending people surprises, but I hate not hearing back from them. I sent a book to a friend on 5/26; I told you about that. I have not yet heard if she even received it. Great, thanks. It's not that I want praise for doing it, but an acknowledgement that it was received would be nice, so I know if I have to kick Amazon's ass or not.

-- I've mentioned before how it can often be a good thing, to not get what you want. Sure, it's next to impossible to realize that at the time, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say. (Whatever that means, and whoever they are.) For example: BBB is annoying me. I'd still fuck his brains out any day of the week, but he's been a pain lately. For another: I cannot date a guy who can't spell. I don't need the Spelling Bee Champion of the world, but I do need basic spelling skills.

-- I'm meeting with my financial advisor Friday morning. He's a young guy, barely my age. I would like more personal attention from him, but since he's only getting commission on my account, and since I'm not exactly a high-roller, I'm not sure how to broach this. But our once-a-yr meetings need to become more frequent.

-- I bought new running shoes yesterday and had a great customer service experience. The place was a small shop, not a chain. It closed at 7. I got there at 6:55 and saw the doors were still open. I said I needed new shoes, never done this before, I could come back. No no no, said the part-owner, I'll help you. She was great. Personable and encouraging and knowledgable. I walked out with a new pair of shoes and two pairs of socks. Of course, it's in her favor to be helpful, but they aren't always.

-- I still haven't made a decision about a car. BBB is on my nerves about that, too. I know he just cares, but it's not as if my car is held together with paper clips. It will last a little bit longer. I hope.

-- This weather is pissing me off. I have all these new cute skirts to wear, and suddenly it's barely 70 degrees out!

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