Corporate Peon: My Summer Weekend by Kate the Peon

Monday, June 13, 2005

My Summer Weekend by Kate the Peon

I left work early on Friday and drove up to my sister's house in Madison. Leaving work early is so the way to go. The traffic didn't suck at all and I got there all cheerful and shit instead of hating like I usually do after making that drive.

We went out to eat that night at a place downtown, appropriately named Madison's. (We couldn't eat at a chain, a place that pays minimum wage, or a smoky bar-type restaurant. So we opted for unintentional mediocrity.) About 30 seconds after having our food brought out to us (we were taking advantage of the breeze), we noticed a few rain drops and decided to pack it up and bring it inside. Our food missed a drenching by thissss much. It was still pouring when we left and we had a few blocks to walk towards the car. I took my time, enjoying the summer storm. It is, however, rather hard to walk in a downpour when you're wearing slip-on shoes. I almost slipped and broke my shit numerous times. I was thissss close to taking them off and going barefoot, but that would have been icky.

As it was getting late and all of the stores we wanted to visit were closed, AND it was still pouring, we stopped at Big Lots to pass some time. Big Lots, if you don't know, is the receptacle of 'failure' food - the rejects that can't sell anywhere else. The peanut butter baking bars (like butter, only...peanut butter). The Quaker Oat Squares with Hebrew translations on the box. The tamarind soda. The cashier informed us that the best 'failure' food ever was pina colada flavored Almond Joys, but of course they were out of those.

We went home after that and ate our candy (chocolate covered Cracker Jacks, anyone?) and watched The Pirates of the Caribbean with Turkish subtitles.

Saturday, sister & I shopped. We had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise, which was quite kitchy. After that, we shopped some more. I bought nothing all day but new underwear (yes, I'm on a new underwear kick).

After picking up BIL, we went through the drive-thru at Culvers to pick up dinner for friends who have a 2wk old baby. We brought dinner over to them (note: 5 separate orders is not an easy thing to do via drive-thru) and talked and watched the baby. (Note: sleeping babies are boring.)

After that, BIL, Sister & I sat at the Terrace. (Awesome picture of it on that guy's site, whoever he is.) A band was playing, there was beer and popcorn and plenty of outside seats. It was quite nice being on the water, people watching and chatting. I told a story that involved the line "I just can't get enough corn in my stool" and was rewarded with laughs.

Sunday, sister & I shopped again. I parted with a $35 store credit and $60 of my own money on four skirts, three shirts, and some t shirts for running. We came home and ordered Glass Nickel pizza - mmm.

All in all, a decent enough weekend. There were some bad parts - I have a bruise on my arm where their hyper Greyhound nipped me - and there was some frustration with sister, but it was pretty darn good overall.

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